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RV Supplies

Camping World began with one small store and a mail order business in an old farmhouse heated by a wood-burning stove. A tobacco barn served as their first warehouse. Since then, Camping World has grown into America’s leading RV accessories and service experts, bringing you everything you need for your RV, with Nationwide SuperCenters, an award-winning website, and full-color catalogs.

Placing your order with Camping World is easy with knowledgeable crew members ready to assist with questions, or find just the right product you need.

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Digital Line Moniter
Every RVer should invest in some type of digital voltmeter that plugs directly into a 120-volt outlet in your RV. There are several types available and they are inexpensive compared to the repair costs for damaged electrical equipment and appliances. I recommend one that can test campground polarity, measure AC line voltage and, if you have a generator, measure AC frequency. ~ Mark Polk


Awning tie downs

Awning tie downs help protect your patio awning. A strong gust of wind can damage your awning very quickly, and can be costly to repair. Any wind gusts over twenty miles per hour can cause extensive damage to the awning and to the RV. You should never leave the awning out unattended. Another tip: When putting your awning out, lower one end to allow the water to run off in the event it should start raining. ~ Mark Polk


Maxx Air Vent Covers

When your RV is closed up or in storage it can get a musty stale odor inside. To help avoid this from happening invest in some Maxx Air vent covers. They are easy to install or you can have your RV dealer install them for you. They fit over the existing vent covers on your RV and allow you to leave the vents open even when it’s raining outside. By placing one towards each end of the RV you have constant ventilation throughout your RV. ~ Mark Polk



The EZ Coupler and Dominator sewer hoses and extension hoses make the not so fun job of emptying the holding tanks a breeze. One of the least favorite jobs having to do with RV’s is emptying the holding tanks. I am all for anything that can make this job easier, and trust me when I say not all RV sewer hoses are made equal. I’ve tried a lot of different sewer hose products over the years and the brand of sewer hoses and extensions I use are EZ Coupler and Dominator by Valterra ~ Mark Polk




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