Posted by: Mark Polk | 2011

RV Roof Care & Maintenance E-Course

We understand that today’s RV consumer wants access to specific RV information and that you want it now. That is what our RV Videos on Demand is all about, to give you the RV video training you want when you want it.

Note: RV Videos on Demand online e-courses are delivered as streamed video. What this means is you will need an Internet connection to view the training videos. It is not recommended that you attempt viewing these training videos with a dial up connection. For best viewing results you will need a broadband Internet connection.

Maintaining your RV roof adds years of life to your RV. Water damage is one of the most common & expensive types of damage to an RV, and much of this damage starts on the RV roof. If there is a way in the RV water will find it. Let Mark Polk show you how to protect your RV roof from water intrusion, how to properly clean the roof, inspect the roof, seal the roof and much more in this informative online RV e-course. This e-course is over 10 minutes in length, and is priced at only $5.99.

RV Videos on Demand Tip: Repairing water damage on the RV roof can cost upwards of 160 times the price of this online e-course.


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